Inspection Southern Tanzania

Southern Tanzania! A great destination for safaris. If you come to Tanzania for the first time, of course you have to see the Serengeti (in the north). It can easily be combined with the Ngorongoro Crater and the other parks like Tarangire, Arusha and Manyara. However, in the south of Tanzania, you can also find fantastic parks. The advantage there is that the parks are not that much busy. As we get more and more requests from customers for the south, we find it important that we know the area well including lodges. I had already been to the Selous but that was seven years ago. And Selous is not the only thing there is to see. We decided to go for an inspection Trip to the south. We flew to Dar es Salaam with Fastjet to visit a number of national parks and the Selous from there. Fastjet is a relatively new budget airline. Although it offers cheap flights, it is fine.

From Dar es Salaam, we first drove to Mikumi National Park. We stayed there in Mikumi Wildlife Camp. The camp is located near the entrance of the park. From both the accommodation, as from the dining terrace, you have a beautiful on the savannah of light of the plains of Mikumi. The name says it all, because the white light makes the image breathtaking. Even more because of the elephants and other wild animals coming to drink at the waterholes ahead of the terrace. The rooms of the camp fit well with the park, as they are decorated with lots of white and light wood tones. We did a game drive in the park of half a day in which we have seen a lot of wildlife such as elephants, giraffes, wildebeest, impala, hippos, crocodiles, numerous water birds and other wildlife with a background of light colored savannah surrounded by hills. We really enjoyed it and Mikumi is really worth visiting. Photos are available at:

From Mikumi we made ​​a day trip to the Udzungwa Mountains. This is a national park which is very green and where several waterfalls can be visited. You can do treks ranging from several hours to several days. We opted for a trip of several hours as we were with our two-year-old daughter. She sat on the back with Bernard. We strolled through the green forest to Sanje Falls, a 170-meter high waterfall. We walked with a licensed guide who could tell us about the local plants. Although it was raining, it was a nice trip. The waterfalls are beautiful and you can swim underneath the falls. After this walk of several hours, we paid a visit to Hondo hondo camp. This camp is located in the greens and around the camp, many different species of monkeys are playing such as vervet monkeys, baboons and Colobus monkeys. The camp has budget bandas (nice bandas that really look like African huts) and more luxurious tents with a bathroom. Udzungwa is good to visit for a change of all game drives. It is green and very fresh. Photos at:

After visiting these two national parks, it was time to go back to the Selous. I remember that I loved it in 2007, but still Serengeti remained my favorite because of the vast plains. That idea has somehow changed now. The Selous was again stunningly beautiful this time. The park has a huge variety of landscapes and wildlife concentration is very high. We have been there three days, and I really enjoyed everything. We have seen so much. The nature varies from swamps to lakes with palm trees, shrub savannah to rainforests and grass savannah to desert. You will find an abundance of giraffe, yellow baboons, crocodiles and impala. Furthermore, there are many elephants, hippos, wildebeest and zebras. We have also seen lions. Rare to be seen are the kudu and eland, but we have seen them. In addition to the game drives, we also did a boat safari on the Rufiji River (at sunset) and a walking safari in the morning. During the boat safari we especially enjoyed beautiful birds on the riverbanks and a beautiful sunset. During the walking safari, I especially learned about tracks and droppings of animals and of different trees that grow there. Besides the Serengeti, Selous is really a must-see in Tanzania. We stayed at Selous River Camp. A beautiful camp on the banks of the Rufiji River with mud huts (but luxurious). They also have tents for hire and you can camp itself. A very nice camp with owners who do everything to go to please your needs. Photos at:

After these days in the wild, we finished at a beautiful location on the beach south of Dar es Salaam. We had two days at the Lighthouse Beach lodge. A beautiful lodge with various accommodations on the beautiful Kidagaa Beach. This is a nice end after a safari in Tanzania. Photos at:

I am sad that this trip is already over. Although it was a busy trip with watching as many parks and lodges in a short time, it was great to finally see Southern Tanzania. I highly recommend it in combination with the north or by itself if you already have been in the north. Because I keep on saying, when you come to Tanzania for the first time, you cannot skip the Serengeti. But actually, the same applies to the Selous.



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