Sometimes we find some spare time to do recreational activities in between our work for Caracal Tours and Safaris. These past weeks we had some relatives coming over and Bernard went with them on safari for five days to Lake Manyara NP, Serengeti NP and Ngorongoro Crater, but also did some daytrips around Moshi. Although it is rainy season, safaris and daytrips are wonderful at this time. Moshi is a great town to stay before and after safari or climbing Kilimanjaro. It has a variety of hotels in all price-ranges and several good places for food. In addition, the area around Moshi is ideal for daytrips. You can visit Marangu to see waterfalls, the local market, the chagga museum or just wander around through the banana plantations. Or there is Lake Challa, a crater lake with views over the plains of Tsavo National Park in Kenya with a change of encountering elephants, leopards or a variety of snakes. Another trip is to visit local coffee farms on the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro where a local guide will explain the whole process of coffee making from planting the seed up to your cup of coffee. While my relatives did many of those trips, either with Bernard or with other guides, this weekend we found some time to enjoy our life in Moshi. Not that we are normally not enjoying, but this was one of the weekends which was good due to good company, nice weather and good food. On Saturday morning, I went with a Dutch friend of mine, who also lives in Moshi, to the Kilimanjaro Native Coffee Union Care. A great hangout where you can enjoy good coffee (and tea), but also wonderful cakes and pastries. Also, they have good lunch meals such as sandwiches, pizzas and salads. I enjoyed a double cappuccino with cheesecake! After this I went home to pick up our daughter and we went to Impala Hotel for a swim. There are many places in Moshi where you can go for swimming which is quite relaxing when the temperatures are high. We went to Impala Hotel because my relatives are staying there. The hotel is build in colonial style and small-scale with a nice garden with swimming pool. After swimming, we had an Indian style dinner which was delicious. On Sunday, we had decided to take my relatives to the TPC-club, a club that is part of the TPC sugar plantations. The TPC sugar plantations are the biggest in Tanzania and you will see that because from Moshi you drive about 15km through the sugarcane-fields. The plantations are well kept and inĀ  between there are villages. At the end of the plantations you find the factory with again a village. The plantation has literally everything from a post office to a hospital and there is even an airstrip. Also, there is the TPC club where you can easily enjoy a whole day swimming, playing golf, enjoying lovely food and just wandering around. We just went for lunch, but it was great. Sitting at nice picnic-tables under the trees having a classic vegetable pizza, Lolkisale farm lamb leg steaks with garlic & rosemary sauce, Pork loin chops with a pepper & cider sauce or Tagliatelle with prawns in a garlic cream sauce with good wine. Unfortunately, my favourite dessert, chocolate and cinnamon wontons, was finished. After, the lunch we drove back to Moshi with great views on Mount Kilimanjaro. This was definitely a great weekend made possible by the great atmospheres of Moshi town at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.


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