The rains

While here, the rains have already come, inquiries for safaris for the coming summer are coming in. It is wonderful to be working on all those inquiries while it is dark outside and raining a lot. By now I’m almost able to see it coming. Not like the Tanzanians, because it seems like they literally smell the rain when it’s on the way. Seriously! I’ve had instances where they said tomorrow or next week it will rain and then it really happened. But now I notice that even I know it will rain soon when a certain pressing heat is present. Maybe it’s more or less hoping instead of knowing. The past two weeks it rained occasionally but considerably. It looks a bit like those late-summer rainstorms, only louder. Often it is already rumbling around Kilimanjaro and suddenly the winds start to blow, it gets really dark and then you see only water. Inside it looks like someone suddenly constructed a waterfall from the roof of the building. But at such times it is a lovely place here. I really enjoy the these natural occurences outside while I ‘m working inside. Writing nice personal safari proposals is very satisfactory at such moments. People more and more want a personal proposal and it is very nice to work with the customer to end up with a nice trip. Bernard is now on safari and in the middle of the migration of wildebeest in the Serengeti. He is there with a family for five days in Manyara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. When I am so busy with the proposals and he is there, we communicate a lot to discuss how to tackle certain routes and wishes. Fortunately, we have all the modern media to do that in an efficient manner here. He even told me that over there there is no rain at all. And he gives a daily update on what they have seen. Yesterday, for example, they had a whole day in the Serengeti. Since the lodge where they’re staying is situated in the area where the migration now is, they have seen a lot of wildebeest. In addition, tree climbing lions, leopards and many elephants. I would love to be there more often myself. Therefore, it is so much fun to make itineraries for our customers. In that way, I feel like being on safari a bit. By the way, today it is not rainging. The sun is shining very bright and it is very hot. Maybe tomorrow it will rain? That means I have to go on dirt paths to my other work. No problem, but I still find it interesting that my Tanzanian colleagues always come to work with clean shoes while I can´t get the thick mud placards out of my shoes. Maybe I’ll learn it someday. At least, I have already learned so much new things here in the 3.5 years that I ‘m here now .

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